Pietro Rainone

Italian Singer

I have been a professional musician since the mid seventies. In the early eighties, I began a solo career and became a singer-song-writer, guitarist, and entertainer performing in a variety of piano bars and concert halls. In the early nineties, I became proprietor of a recording studio where I experimented with producing a variety of emerging talents while also working as a free lance music technician for live concerts. However, despite my various endeavors, classic Neapolitan music became my main passion. I am one of the revivers of this forgotten genre providing momentum and artistic value to Neapolitan music. I have mastered the Italian-American repertoire as well as the English language, which has allowed me to succeed in show business in the Amalfi Coast area including Sorrento, Capri, Positano and periodically on luxurious cruise ships, This has given me the opportunity to showcase my talent and ability to communicate with an American audience. I look forward to the opportunity to share with you my passion for Italy, her traditions, music, wine and culinary arts.