Steve Ansel


To say That Steve Ansel is eccentric, unique, and intense would barely be enough to describe this fiery bandleader and successful businessman.  Fronting a twelve piece band of some Arizona finest musicians and playing many styles expressing years of experiences is all part of Steve’s everyday life.

“I’m a very type-A personality” admitting that his energy and frenzy fuel his live performances as well as coaxing his band to match his intensity.  His assertive style and explosive band have shared the stage with many famous artists including The Four Tops, Gladys Knight, Charlie Daniels, B.B. King, Joan Rivers, Bill Maher, Louie Anderson, and most recently Don Rickles to name a few.  When he’s on stage, his intensity and fervor make his artistry stand out among others.

“I’m a showman” he exclaims “And this is a Showband” reverberate as he works the stage with crowd-pleasing intensity and impeccable musicianship.

A self-made man, and a cancer survivor, Steve can play many instruments and displays his musical prowess in a recently completed full length CD of his own compositions and a few covers that expose his creative talent as well as the expertise of his seasoned band. 

Further enhanced by his broad intellect (speaking up to 10 languages and running many successful businesses) this unique artist can only be described by one simple word.


Catch Steve Ansel while you can!