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“Everybody knows that Italians are very resourceful and full of initiatives. Often, however, some initiatives are forgotten or go unnoticed. That's why, the AIRES Quartet, proposes an unexplored music sector that at the same time is unique in the world: the original literature for a Quartet of Accordions that is an unpublished work of music, entirely conceived in Italy.“

The AIRES Quartet was born in 2014 from the common intent of four young musicians, curious to explore, through the overall music, the sound-expressive potentials of the accordion, a quite recent instrument, that in the latest decades has seen a very rapid growth.
The Accordion, the instrument that has had its greatest diffusion in Italy, both in the manufacturing and in the artistic field, although having had in recent years a considerable growth of its repertoire, it is still unfortunately unknown to the audience as a tool that can deal with a repertoire of complex cultured music, as in general it is only recognized as an instrument for popular or folk music.      

For this reason, the Aires Quartet has committed to expands the repertoire of music for the  Accordion with the production of an “accordion-quartet literature”, through direct collaboration with composers, the retrieval of past material, adapted to express the greatest sound and music potential of the Accordion.

The Quartet's repertoire includes songs from Baroque literature, such as the Concerto in La minor for four BWV 1065 cymbals, that Johann Sebastian Bach transcribed from the concert in Si minor for four violins by Antonio Vivaldi, and with songs of more recent and internationally renowned composers, such as Mario Pagotto, Paolo Troncon, Tiziano Bedetti, Fabrizio Festa, Simone Tonin and Mauro Scaggiante.
The diversity of studies and experiences done by each member of the AIRES Quartet, both in Italy and abroad, contributes to the versatility in dealing with different type of musicals, making them a very enjoyable listening and generating a strong interest in the audience, fascinated by this new musical experience.

Despite its recent constitution, the AIRES Quartet has already participated in several Seasonal important concerts and events, including: “Musik@giovani” at the Venice's "La Fenice" Theater, "EXPO 2015" in Milan, the 2014 and 2015 editions of the Festival “Nei Suoni Dei Luoghi” at the San Lorenzo Church of Fiumicello (Udine-Italy), and the Castle of Nova Gorica (Slovenia), “Fisarmonica and Dintorni” and “Gressoney Walser Festival” in Aosta,   “Fadiesis Accordion Festival” in Matera ( MT), "Sunday Concerts" in the Church of St. Marco in Marostica (VI).

Components of the AIRES Quartet


He studies Accordion with the Maestro Fabio Rossato and Geir Draugsvoll, graduating with the highest marks at the Conservatory "F.A. Bonporti “ of Trento and the Royal Danish Academy of Music of Copenhagen. He refines his studies with Claudio Jacomucci at the "Accademia Fisarmonicistica Italiana" of Urbino.
Prodigy in his results, he performs in public since his early youth, both solo and in various chamber music groups. He also collaborates with Choir Groups and Orchestras (Orchestra of Mandolini and Guitars "Città di Brescia", Orchestra of the Conservatory of Trento, etc.), which made him play all over Italy and abroad (Austria, France, Netherlands, Poland). He has been always awarded prizes at national and international competitions, including the 1st prize at the "Città di Stresa" international competition in 2010 and the 1st prize at the "Antonio Salieri" competition in Legnago in 2012.


He studies Accordion at the Conservatory "A. Steffani “ of
Castelfranco Veneto under the guidance of Maestro Ivano Paterno. He is currently studying Accordion and Chamber Music at the “Hochschule fur Musik”  of Trossingen (Germany) under the
guidance of Maestro Hans Maier, where he also started a duo with the Brazilian flutist Jonas Ribeiro.
He attended postgraduate and masterclass courses with Maestri G. Dellarole, C. Jacomucci, Hugo and J. L. Aisemberg. In 2004 and 2005, he has participated in the National Accordion Concert Competition of Erbezzo, ranking respectively 2nd and 1st, absolute.
He is performing more and more concert performances, both as a soloist and in chamber music groups of various kinds. He has
collaborated with the Orchestra "G. F. Malipiero “ of Asolo, with the Accordion Orchestra of " G. Rossini “ in Belluno, with the
"Quartetto Milonga del Angel “, (tribute to Astor Piazzolla), with the" Teatro Immagine "of Venice.
He has performed as a soloist in many national and international locations (France, Austria, Germany, Belgium, Croatia, Slovenia, Tunisia, Switzerland). He is professor of the Accordion Chair at the schools G. F. Malipiero of Asolo and N. Zardo of Crespano del Grappa, Italy.


In 2014 he earned the Accordion Diploma with the highest marks and praise at the Conservatory "A. Steffani "in Castelfranco Veneto under the guidance of Maestro Ivano Paterno. He has studied at the "Staatliche Hochschule Für Musik" in Trossingen (Germany) with Maestro Hans Maier and in 2016 at the "Staatliche Hochschule Für Musik" in Freiburg in Breisgau (Germany) with
Maestro Teodoro Anzellotti. He attended advanced courses with
Maestro Stefan Hussong and Maestro Matti Rantanen. He also studied choral singing and attended various choir and composition courses with Maestro  Gianmartino Maria Durighello.
He has participated in various national and international competitions: First Prize at "Second Concert for Accordion" Chiuppano (Vicenza) 1998. Second Prize "Accordeon ... harmonies" Villa Opicina (Trieste) 2004. Second Prize "Youth Orchestra of Saccisica" Piove di Sacco (Padova) 2013. First prize for composition at the “International Accordion Competition Bruno Serri” Serramazzoni (Modena) 2016. Several participation in Festivals and international events such as EXPO 2015 - Milan, Gressoney Walse Festival - Aosta, B Music Festival - Turin, The Harmony Mantice - Reggio Emilia, In the Sounds of the Places 2015 - Nova Gorica. Romania, Germany, Slovenia, Switzerland, Hong Kong. Several premieres of international authors such as Mario Pagotto, Gianmartino Maria Durighello, Simone Tonin, Gianluca Baldi, Paolo Troncon, Francesco del Pia, Annette Schlünz. He collaborates and has collaborated with various institutes such as Goethe Institut, Fadiesis, PMpromotion, Superior Strasbourg Conservatory, Stable Theater of Veneto, Zelda, Musik Drama, Ashirà.


He studies Accordion with Ivano Paterno at the Conservatory "A. Steffani "in Castelfranco Veneto; He participates in masterclasses held by Inaki Alberdi, Vincent Lhermet, Philippe Thuriot, Simone Zanchini. He performed with singer Donella Del Monaco at GAM in Turin and Giacomelli Palace in Treviso; in duo with the flutist Mauro Martello inaugurated the exhibition "Verso Monet" in the Palladian Basilica of Vicenza curated by Marco Goldin; he plays throughout Italy with the Accordion Orchestra "Armonia" of Treviso (Assisi, Rome, Latina, Caserta, Varese) and abroad (Switzerland, Germany, France, Slovenia, Brazil).
He collaborates with several music formations, deepening contemporary music genres (acoustic music by the author, Italian and Celtic). He has lectures on music and accordion and follows music projects in various schools in the Province of Treviso and Venice.

Description of Some Pieces in the Repertoire

J. S. Bach: Concert for Four Cymbals il La Minore BWV 1065
Written by Johann Sebastian Bach as a transcription from the original Vivaldi for four violins (RV 580), the Concert for four cymbals is a precious testimony of a style that is both concertante and in counterpoint at the same time. Despite the changes made by Bach in this version, the piece has a non-hierarchical structure that floats among the various soloists, in which melodic lines often pass from one instrument to the other as it was in use in the Venetian style. The idea of ​​resuming this piece with four accordions was born with the purpose of exemplifying the possibilities of chamber music integration between modern instruments also in aesthetic baroque pieces.

T. Bedetti: Venetian DNA
Venetian DNA by Tiziano Bedetti is a song where ancient and modern live together in harmony connecting the past to the present. The subtitle of the piece is "Chaconne", which indicates that it is a reinterpretation of the Ciaccona, form in vogue already in the Renaissance. The traditional "low obstinate", harmonic rug on which the various variations develop, is here taken up in techno style, to emphasize the character of contemporary taste on a traditionally baroque form.

M. Scaggiante: Trinity
Trinity is the first composition for Accordion quartet of Mauro Scaggiante. As the name suggests, the piece is inspired by the number three, which returns in different aspects, from the tripartite structure to the recurring element of the third. At the same time, Trinity refers to meditation and spirituality, in which the ascent movement, mentioned from the beginning, finds development and conclusion in the third section, before closing with a short tail that brings the listener to a climate of serenity.

"Four Italian accordionists, unified by a tool that has largely evolved and found its space in Italy, who actively collaborate with Italian composers and run a mostly Italian program, can only do a project that ”Smells" Italian in all of its most diverse and particular facets, giving birth to a concert unique in its kind that will
astonish you. "