Italian Association of Arizona

The Italian Association is a 501-(c)-(3) non-profit organization run by a Board of Directors and by an Advisory Council. All members operating for the Italian Association are Volunteers and do not receive any money or compensation I any form for the services rendered to and for the Italian Association.
The Italian Association of Arizona welcomes all Italians, Italian Americans and American Italians that want to develop and promote business, cultural activities and initiatives in Arizona and between Italy and Arizona. Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Individuals that want to support the Italian Spirit of Arizona are strongly invited to participate in our activities and join the Italian Association. The mission of the Italian Association (IA) is to aggregate the Italian Business and Professional community of Arizona and provide its members with a broad range of services, from supporting their business objectives, to facilitate communications and exchanges between members and their expansion goals.

Italian Community of Arizona

To be the voice and focal point of the Italian Community of Arizona. To represent and spur growth.


Italian culture

To organize Italian activities in support and to the benefit of our community and the American Community.


Italy relationship

To be the local entity that will operate in support of different initiatives requested from Italy