Italian Festival of Arizona 2014

We are pleased to share with you the successful story of our first Italian Association Festival. As you can expect, in order to build a compelling and attractive event, you have to make the right choices. The location and time are strategically important, as well as the weather that unfortunately we can only forecast.

For the location, Scottsdale South Bridge worked perfectly for us, as far as overall size for our planned number of exhibitors and for the public.

Being close to Fashion Square has been very convenient for both Festival aware visitors and the casual ones, also attracted by the high quality of musical entertainment we provided.

The event this year took place on Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. Next year we will try to book the entire weekend, potentially bringing in an even bigger crowd. In spite of the choice of days, we're proud to share with you that we had almost two thousand visitors, in line with our best expectations.

As you can see from the video, we've been honored by Scottsdale's Mayor Jim Lane and by the Italian Vice Console Massimo Paolillo for the ribbon cutting ceremony.

In typical Italian style, we combined what people and families would enjoy in an outdoor environment, from excellent food (including pizza, pasta, fish appetizers, bread and desserts plus gelato and espresso), to Italian cars for both commuters and sport/design lovers.

And to boost interest in our country of origin, we also brought arts and jewelry, plus the possibility to plan personalized trips to Italy and learn about famous locally grown/made Italian products like wines, cheese, olive oil…while enjoying the historically beautiful environments and views.

Finally we cannot forget the Fashion and Design Industry, well appreciated around the world.


Festival 2014 Gallery