Gruppo Storico Sbandieratori di Fivizzano

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  • The Flag throwers group begins its performances in 1972 under the auspices of the Office of Tourism Fivizzano and in 1983 was transformed into an indipendent association with the name of GRUPPO STORICO FIVIZZANO.
  • To the flag wavers and musicians was added a renaissance dance group to create a mix between these sectors with the purpose to involve the public in a magical atmosphere of history, music and colour, to pay homage to the Renaissance period and to the history of the Florentine Republic of which Fivizzano was the leader in the XV th century constituting one of these Medici "islands" which characterized the rule of the Medici in upper Tuscany.
  • The historic group of Fivizzano is made up of about 90 people aged between 5 and 50 years. They are divided between sbandieratori (flag throwers), tamburini (drummers), chiarine (particular trumpets) and Dame (ladies).
  • There's also a school that teaches the old art of flag throwing for children between 5-15 years ensuring the continuation through the generations. For each areas there are different directors and they are each independently responsible for every aspect of the performance in order to maintain the authenticity of costumes, music, choreography dance.

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