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  • Alexa Nadramia Classical Crossover Singer , born and raised in the New York Metropolitan Area. Now resides in Arizona and perform's at many different venues and events around the valley. She has been singing since 6 years old, discovering her voice at 12 She knew then she wanted to pursue a singing career. "Music is her passion and something she will never give up". Loving the idea of singing Classical Music she likes to add some other genres in the mix, A spectrum of pop, folk songs and hymns. Writing her own songs is something that she enjoys. She has won 1st place in the Golden Voices Of America (lnternational Vocal Competition) in 2012 To perform at Carnegie Hall,and has done some other events like the Feast Of San Gennaro in (Los Angeles) in 2013 hosted by Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Carolla. Also performing at the First Ever Italian Festival of Arizona held by the Italian Association in April 2014 in Downtown Scottsdale's Southbridge district. Her voice is a gift that she wants to share with the world. So let's tell everyone about this wonderful gift !